Cinéma Copain

In addition to producing movie trailers and commissioned movies, Cinéma Copain is also the production company for the owners’ own cinematic works and those of like-minded artists.

Our intention is to allow those developing and producing movie projects as much artistic independence as possible and create an atmosphere that fosters the courage to push narrative and creative invention to its limits.


Michèle Wannaz
Following a degree in journalism, film studies and modern German literature,
Michèle Wannaz worked for many years as an editor and freelance
Zeitung, WOZ, NZZ and NZZ Folio – and later trained as a script
journalist – for publications including Tages Anzeiger, Berliner
has been responsible for research and design on several documentary
movies, co-designed an Arte series, worked as a script consultant,
Steiner, Xavier Koller, Micha Lewinsky and Pipilotti Rist among
author and co-author on feature movies – for Markus Imhoof, Michael others – and is the author of “Dramaturgie im Autorenfilm –
arthouse cinema”). In the book, she examines works by
Erzählmuster des sozialrealistischen Arthouse-Kinos” (“Dramaturgy in the auteur movie – narrative models of the social realism
patterns in movies that are initially perceived as though their
writer/directors including the Dardenne brothers, Mathieu Kassovitz, Valeska Grisebach and Ken Loach and reveals astonishingly similar
narrative structures were simply “drawn from real life”. 
spent many years as a member of the “Documentary Film” committee
of the Swiss Federal Department of Culture (BAK), a member of the
Feature Film Committee of the Zurich Film Foundation and
(simultaneously) as a project manager with the W.I.R.E. think tank,
where she curated exhibitions and co-edited a series of books about
current global trends (published by Suhrkamp Verlag).
Wannaz has worked with Cinéma Copain as a producer and script
consultant since 2016.